Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Blogger

To blog or not to blog? This has been a long standing question over the past few months. I love to get creative, make new things, work with my hands, play with color, paint and draw with new mediums.

The only problem is I don't really have too many people to share this all with. Someone who gets just as excited to craft, someone who wants to try new things with me, someone with kids. I want to blog about what I do, my crafts and other things going on in my life, and find some people to share it with who will also share their projects and experiences with me.

I have two little ones who are just the light of my life. I want them to be a big part of this. They are my inspiration, what keeps me going, they also drive me nuts (might need a space to vent about them). I also have a wonderful supportive husband who loves my crafting but that doesn't mean he wants me to go into much detail on the process, so he most likely won't show up on here too often.

One other thing that might show up on here from time to time is my Etsy shop. My ultimate goal is to survive off of my crafts which includes being able to work from home so I can keep up with the house and the kids.

This will be a big learning experience for me, I have followed many blogs but have never managed one myself but if you find me follow me, tell your friends about me, and of course give me feed back!

Thank you

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