Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fan Blanket (Project #1)

Let's start off this blog with a few projects that I am working on. This will give you an idea of what kind of crafts I am into and you can decide if you want to continue to read my blog.

A few months ago I found a beautiful crochet stitch. Let me back up a little bit first. I had been making a few things for the baby so it was my son's turn to get something homemade. I knew exactly what to make him. My son loves blankets. When it's time to wind down he grabs the nearest blanket and snuggles up on the couch. But I just didn't know how I wanted to go about making it. I had been crocheting lately so if I figured if I ran across a great stitch I could crochet him a blanket.

Well, I was going on my second hour of scrolling through Pinterest when I found the perfect crochet stitch (it got extra points because it was free). I thought it was an easy pattern to follow. Basically repeating three rows of single crochets and 1 row of triple treble crochets (there is a little more to it than that but not to worry here is the link to the pattern {pattern}). I choose to use blue and gray. I try to incorporate gray into any project I do just because I love it so much and I think it goes with any and everything.

I thought I could have this little blanket whipped up in a month or two tops, but the triple trebles are slowing me down. I may not be explaining this well but I will try...You have to wrap the yarn around your hook four times, go through the next stitch and pull up a loop, then pull the yarn through the loops on the hook two at a time until you have one left, repeat. The problem is my hool always seems to slip out when I get to the third loop on the hook, causing me to have to redo the stitch. When this happens ten time each row I do is very annoying to say the least. I have been "working" on this for over three months (one actively and two sitting on my self).

I have recently picked it back up and am determined to finish this by the end of November when my son will really need a warm blanket, although as I type this the weather here in Denver is taking a turn below freezing all week, so asap would probably be better. So far I have 5 rows of blue and 4 rows of grey. I think I will need about 3 skeins of each color to complete this project, I had better hit up the craft store this weekend.

Arent these fans super cute and fun?

I really hope to get this done soon, my son has been patiently waiting, I will post updates soon!

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